Residential Services

Residential Lawn Maintenance Services

All Seasons Lawn Care offers lawn mowing, trimming and edging around sidewalks, flower beds, and walls. We will even make sure your drive way and sidewalks are clean before we leave. Lawn maintenance is done on a weekly basis or an estimate can be provided to fit a schedule that will match your needs. We provide these services for residential and commercial customers. For specific needs such as cleaning flower beds, picking up pine cones and pine needles etc. that are not included in weekly lawn maintenance service, can be arranged. It’s important to regularly maintain your lawn so it can stay healthy, green, and have healthy growing patterns that will keep your lawn green. One of our professionals who can provide a free estimate will also provide on what day of the week the regular maintenance can be done.

Residential Trimming and Pruning

Only need to prune your shrubs? Do you need to trim that tree that is blocking your view from your kitchen window? No problem. We can take care of any trimming and pruning of trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plants you may have. Usually done in Spring time at the beginning of the season so the plant can have room to grow without becoming aesthetically problematic. We will keep your trees and plants looking sharp all year long. Our team will care of cleaning and picking up all clippings. You yard will look great.

Residential Spring & Fall Clean Up

Don’t worry about Spring cleanups or picking up the leaves in the Fall. Let us take care of your Spring cleanup. We will provide a cleanup that will have your yard ready for those Spring and Summer Barbecues. We will even come back in the Fall to pick up the leaves that have fallen and keep your yard looking fresh.

Residential Fertilization

Treat your lawn with a fertilization service. Fertilizing your lawn will keep your lawn green and lush. Our fertilization plan includes up to 4 fertilization applications throughout the year. Our Lawn Fertilization Technician will apply fertilizer to entire lawn and will clean side walks and driveways.

Residential Sprinkler Repair and Installation

From a broken sprinkler or broken irrigation line, to an entire sprinkler installation, we got it covered. Installation includes sprinkler system for your lawn and also to your flower beds. Our crew takes care of the trenching, installation of hoses and sprinklers, and we will even set up your sprinkler timer to have your sprinklers water regularly and adjust the timing to be water saving and efficient. You can automatically water your lawn worry free.

Residential Sprinkler Blowouts

We will ensure that your sprinkler system is prepared for the chilly winters of Idaho by doing a complete sprinkler blowout to all zones of your sprinkler system.

Residential Aeration

Aeration is the process of making holes in the lawn by coring, extracting a plug of soil. Aerating your lawn allows water and fertilizer to reach down in the soil. Aeration will promote new root growth and deeper roots to give you a healthier lawn.

Residential Snow Removal

Snow removal for residential customers. We can come as soon as a snow fall begins to clean sidewalks, driveways, and other paved areas. We also will make sure to apply ice melt to keep your property safe in the winter months.

Landscape Specialists For All Your Lawn Maintenance Needs

Our goal is to provide a service that you are satisfied with. We take pride in our work and want you and your family to be excited to have a great looking yard that you can spend quality time in. We build a trustworthy relationship with our customers to make sure you are satisfied with the service and work that we are providing.

About All Seasons

All Seasons Lawn Care LLC has been serving the Boise area for 12 years. We offer both, Commercial and Residential full lawn maintenance services. From commercial to residential customers we have the expertise and experience to handle all our client needs. Our customers appreciate having the honest and reliable service we provide. Let All Seasons Lawn Care take care of your lawn care needs

Offered Services

  • Landscaping
  • Weekly Lawn Services
  • Trim and Prune Shrubs
  • Fertilization
  • Sprinkler Repair and Installation
  • Fall and Spring Cleanup
  • Aeration

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